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If you have found yourself in need of the services of a Saint Louis Mo process server, there is a very good chance you are going through a difficult situation. People generally only need a process server when they are going through a divorce, filing a lawsuit, trying to get a restraining order, or having to subpoena someone. All of these situations are highly stressful and full of a number of variables that make them confusing and at times scary. Knowing what to expect at any part of the process is a like a breath of fresh air, thankfully the process of serving someone is very standard and can provide that stability you are looking for in these difficult times.

The first thing that happens is the company receives the documents to be served. These are generally completed by a lawyer and notarized depending upon the requirements of the case. They will confirm receipt of the documents and the contents, getting you to sign off on them being sent out.

Secondly, the server will make contact with the person being served. They will verify their name and find them in a location where they can physically hand them the paperwork. The time and date that they were served will be recorded and if possible a signature will be recorded as well. This serves as proof in a court of law that the process has been completed.

Finally, the Saint Louis MO process server will report back to you with the appropriate documentation for you to move forward with your case. They will also keep the information on file, ensuring you can verify it was received if your copy of the paperwork is called into question. The entire process is quite fast and simple, but protects you and meets the standards set forth under the law.

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